Mary St.Aubyn Centre

The building for a new type of young person's mental health service was completed yesterday in Colchester (on the old Severall's site).


The Centre - expected to be operational in June 2012 - is named after Mary St.Aubyn, the Chairman of the Trust, who stands down in one year's time after 10 years at the helm. Mary has been a firm champion of young people's services and is delighted with the honour.


The Centre, with 25 bedrooms, includes a ward and an intensive treatment unit for people from 11 years old to their 18th birthday. The Centre includes an Eating Disorders service.


The Centre was built out of the money internally generated by North Essex Partnership, the NHS Mental Health service.


Andrew Geldard, Chief Executive, said, "This is really great news. First for patients; it's a new, improved, model of care, and means local people can be treated locally, not out of area; secondly, it means new jobs (over 40 more) and that's fantastic news - the first jobs were advertised yesterday. Thirdly, it's also a good example of what NHS Foundation Trusts can do. We make a financial surplus by being efficient and we reinvest it into buildings like this; it is not a PFI Scheme. The Primary Care Trust (PCT) saves money as they no longer have to pay for expensive out of area treatments nor did they have to pay for the building. It shows what an efficient Trust can do for patients and the local NHS."





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